CHANTAL ROOS: Founder, Roos & Roos

Where do you live now:

Paris, France

Favorite note:


Least favorite note:

Hot milk.

If you could choose one baby, what is the fragrance you are most proud of?

Issey Miyake Eau d’ Issey.

Breakfast this morning:

Tea, fruit, soy yogurt and whole wheat bread.

Your home smells like:

Clean, wood, and leather.

What fragrance do you wear:

Bloody Rose by Roos & Roos.

First fragrance you owned:

Hermès Calèche.

What fragrance(s) did your parent(s) wear?

My mother wore Guerlain Jicky and my father wore Old Spice.

What inspires your bottle design:

Femininity, roundness, and generosity.

Most nostalgic scent;

Old Spice.

What does Paris smell like:

Espresso and traffic.

If not making perfume what would you be doing:

I would have a luxury hair salon.

Last good book you read:

« Tous les hommes n'habitent pas le monde de la même façon » by Jean Paul Dubois.

Least favorite fragrance trend:


What does 2020 smell like:

Fresh, clean, transparent and carnal!

Most important part of your day routine:

The morning shower.

How do you unwind:  

I lie down in my armchair and read a book with classical music playing in the background.

Guilty pleasure:

A salted, buttered, caramel ice cream.

Words of wisdom:

Breath, exercise regularly, healthy food, be kind, be in love.

I do not leave home without:

My cell phone.

Coffee shop order:

A double espresso and a mixed vegetable salad.

I am at peace when:

When I am sure that the ones I love—my daughters, my granddaughters, and my boyfriend—are well and not far away.