Editor's Letter

Welcome to SCENT BEAUTY! 

We are a truly revolutionary space within the beauty world and aim to celebrate fragrance in all its mysterious, alluring, and positive forms through curated editorial, individual brand stories, and a collection of absolutely gorgeous scents. And we’re on a mission to convince you that fragrance—with its many connections to emotion—is an indispensable part of your lifestyle. It’s an exciting adventure. Join us.

SCENT BEAUTY no doubt represents the next big thing in fragrance, so this month’s editorial theme is FUTURISM. I asked my dear friend and esteemed writer April Long to write a piece exploring "What 2020 Smells Like." April was an obvious choice, as every year, she racks up multiple awards at the Fragrance Foundation’s editorial honors ceremony. As long-time fellow beauty editors, April and I have had the opportunity to travel the world together in order to come home and tell stories about scent. I am grateful to her for lending her brilliant pen to us this month.

We also had the lovely Vogue contributor Arden Fanning Andrews look into the olfactory benefits of cannabis. When CBD first began making its way into beauty products, I was skeptical that it was a passing fad. But when it comes to affecting one’s mood, there is no element more powerful than scent, and that’s here to stay. It’s a fascinating read.

And finally, I had the privilege to spend the day at The Phluid Project, a retail store and community center in NYC that we have collaborated with to create—gender-neutral, obviously—original scents. Talk about inspiring: In a world fraught with anxiety and prejudice, it was so refreshing to meet young people who felt passionate about standing up for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. Each member of The Phluid Project gang greeted me with a bright smile and a hug (rare in NYC!), and I felt unusually joyful and optimistic about this new generation. One person I met, the ridiculously beautiful and articulate Eddie Jarel Jonesx, inspired me to ask her/him/them (Eddie identifies as all three) to film a quick video on “Pronouns 101." designed to educate both you and your grandmother on how to respectfully address a fellow human being according to their personal gender identifications. The future looks bright, and the kids are all right.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.

—Erin Flaherty, Editor-in-Chief