Now there are iconic fragrances (which writer Celia Shatzman covers in this nostalgic piece), places, and objects, but few compare to one of the most legendary icons of our time, Cher. We’ve just launched CHER EAU DE COUTURE, and lucky me, I raced to LA to interview her (please watch our conversation here). Obviously, everyone wants to know: What is she like!?


I’m no stranger to celebrity reporting, but come on, it’s Cher. And I assure you that she did not disappoint. IRL, Cher was beyond beautiful (that bone structure! the body!), gracious (she had an assistant fetch a pillow to make me more comfortable during our talk), and struck me as a very serene woman who can still rock any of her also iconic couture costumes. She’s also an unapologetic beauty junkie and had a great sense of humor. At one point I jokingly asked her when was the last time she did her own laundry; hey, “enquiring minds want to know.” She threw back her head and laughed heartily before explaining that when she was growing up she was the family laundress, so she’s done her share. (Cher, you don’t need to apologize. You’re Cher.) It was also one of the best-smelling interviews I’ve ever had. She truly lives and breathes this gorgeous perfume that she has created exclusively for Scent Beauty, and it’s no wonder why: Between bold notes like cloves, jasmine, and sandalwood, it simply envelops you in warmth, loveliness, and naturally, a soupçonofenigmatic icon fairy dust.


While they may not be as famous as Cher, to us at Scent Beauty, the perfumers behind the scents we have curated are icons as well. The sort of spirits who are drawn to the artistic and deeply creative process of making fragrances are simply fascinating; I have never met a boring perfumer! That’s why we have a feature, Meet a Perfumer, where we ask some of the world’s most famous fragrance artisans to allow us into their inner lives. Check them out and know we’ll keep adding more throughout the year.


Finally, as you embark on your holiday shopping sprees, may I make a slightly biased suggestion? I have been delighted to realize that CHER EAU DE COUTURE makes an excellent gift for both my mother (who LOVES Cher!), a few of my guy friends (she is also a gay icon, after all), my best girlfriend (again, LOVES Cher!), and myself (because it smells so delicious… and I too LOVE Cher). In this crazy divided world, she is one icon we can all agree on. Happy Holidays!—Erin Flaherty, Editor-in-Chief