Yên Nguyen

Yên Nguyen, the face of BALANCE, is a self-proclaimed "full-time godexx," model, fashion stylist, editor, content creator, and non-binary activist.

Scent Beauty: How can beauty and fragrance do better?

Yên: There's no need to categorize - beauty should be available to everyone.

"Balance to me means having a strong sense of self and understanding who you are. Being grounded but open to possibilities."


Devin-Norelle, the face of TRANSCEND, is a model, writer, journalist, and transgender community activist. Ze has written for magazines such as Out, Them, and Teen Vogue about trans social advocacy as well as of zirs experience living as trans person of color in New York. Ze has been featured in Buzzfeed, Nylon, HuffPost, and The Daily Show amongst others.

Scent Beauty: How can beauty and fragrance do better?

Devin-Norelle: I want to see trans representation in beauty campaigns outside of just the month of June.

"Transcendence is about elevating over others' expectations. I embody it by thinking more positively and telling myself I'm better than I think I can be."

Beau Gotier

Beau Gotier, the face of INTENTION, works in nightlife promotion, is a visual stylist for Bloomingdales, as well as a model. Most recently, Beau walked in the LaQuan Smith fashion show at New York Fashion Week.

Scent Beauty: How can beauty and fragrance do better?

Beau: All types of people should be included: that's how you reach your biggest market.

"Intention means doing something with purpose. Everything I do is purposeful and with the intention of being better."