“Long after one has forgotten what a woman wore, the memory of her perfume lingers.” - Christian Dior

Fashion is about craft, style, material, personal attitude, and beauty. Our carefully curated fashion scents and fragrances tell stories, invisibly enhance the beauty of the wearer, and are exquisitely beautiful.

The PHLUID PROJECT is a genderless and non-binary fashion company that has grown to symbolize the unique cultural values of the LGBQTIA+ community. It is a community of activists, executed through the lens of fashion.


The French-Swedish premium bodywear brand offers everything a man needs before, during and after sports, combining Swedish functionality with France style. The now iconic brand leitmotiv DISCIPLINE IS NOT A DIRTY WORD comes through in all that the brand does and guarantees a smart, sharp and timeless design whether it is sportswear, loungewear, underwear or bodycare.


A vision of laid-back luxury that fits us all.

Over 30 years, Sam Edelman has left an indelible footprint on fashion. He sold equestrian-inspired footwear to Ralph Lauren. He co-founded Kenneth Cole. He launched the shoe division at Esprit. With his wife, he co-founded Sam & Libby, a powerhouse brand that took the ‘80s by storm, making fashion trends like the bowed ballet flat accessible to all.

And that was the secret. By bridging the gap between aspiration and attainability, he raised our expectations; he showed us that we all deserve to feel luxurious in our everyday lives. That there is only a fine line between the dog run and the catwalk.

It’s the very definition of entrepreneur, and the same creative vision that led him to scent. Like his footwear brands, his scent line is luxurious, but laid back, with just a bit of cheek.

“Luxury has changed. The new word for luxury today is experience.”

- Sam Edelman