Master Perfumer of Akro

Provenance: Grasse, France

Where do you live now? Paris, Neuilly Sur Seine

Fragrance philosophy in a nutshell:  My fragrance philosophy is to influence the market to do things differently than how they have been done before.

Favorite note in the world? Edible, gourmands like sugar or chocolate.

Least favorite scent? Hyacinth and jonquil.

If you could choose one baby, what is the fragrance you are most proud of? I don’t have a favorite. I am equally proud of every fragrance I have created.

What did you have for breakfast this morning? I like to start my day of with proteins. Today I had ham, cheese and eggs. Although I love sugar notes within fragrances, I try to stay clear of sugar when it comes to my food.

What does your home smell like? I work with fragrances all day so I like my home to be neutral. I like to rest after a day of working with scents.

What fragrance do you wear? I wear my experiments on my skin, but prefer to use on other people’s skins.

First fragrance you owned?The first fragrance I owned was Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior when I was 13 years old. It is a very classic and elegant fragrance.

What fragrance(s) did your parent(s) wear?My father was using Rochas Moustache and my mother would use Shalimar by Guerlain. Shalimar is also one of my favorite fragrances of all time. I loved the vanilla and freshness of Shalimar.

What inspires your bottle design? I love minimalistic design. The black color of the pack inspires me and guides me.

Most nostalgic scent?The past does not interest me very much. I look towards the future and new technology within perfumery, however I of course respect the great fragrances (one being Mitsouko by Guerlain).

What do some global cities smell like? New York actually smells like cannabis to me: When I walk through the streets of NYC I always smell it. Sao Paulo smells of lasting freshness; Dubai smells like of agarwood; Paris smells very flowery: rosy and jasmine like a nice chic bouquet. Shanghai smells like magnolia, and to me, London smells like the pubs—beers and alcohol.

If you weren’t making perfume, what would you be doing?Definitely something creative but I cannot think of doing anything but perfume.

Last good book you read?The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli.

Least favorite fragrance trend?  The men’s fougère family, because the market is overloaded to this day.

What does 2020 smell like?The market next year will move to solar orange flowers. Lightness, freshness, and solar accords.

Most important part of your day/routine? Starting work. I work 10 hours a day, but I don’t feel like I am working as I enjoy creating so much. It’s my passion.

How do you unwind? In order to relax after work, I like to practice sports like running and cycling, and I then sleep like a baby.

Guilty pleasure?Espresso and dark chocolate.

Five Words of Wisdom: / Best advice I’ve gotten: The best advice I received when I started my career was from someone well-respected in the industry. He said: You have the passion within, but you need patience and this is true for everybody.

I won’t leave home without: I won’t leave home without my mobile or laptop so I can stay connected with the world.

I’m at peace when:  When I see my family around me happy. Family is the most important thing for me, and this is why I loved working with my family on AKRO Fragrances.