EDGE BEAUTY, Inc. announces the launch of SCENT BEAUTY, the world’s first multi-brand e-commerce platform for bespoke fragrances, created in collaboration with leading, culturally relevant brands worldwide.

The fragrance category is one of the largest in the beauty industry, with $49+ billion in annual retail sales. SCENT BEAUTY enters the scene with the founding mission to become the leading fragrance destination in the world.

EDGE BEAUTY, Inc. is a new corporate entity that will revitalize the fragrance category with a direct-to-consumer business model that incorporates direct selling on an e-commerce site, under the brand SCENT BEAUTY. The Company strongly believes in educating consumers on fragrance through clear, intelligent editorial on its website, and customized sampling.

EDGE BEAUTY’s Founder & CEO, Stephen MORMORIS remarks: “SCENT BEAUTY will be a step forward for the fragrance category. We will create discovery on-line of unique fragrance brands we have expressly created to appeal to a new generation of consumers.”

SCENT BEAUTY focuses on speed-to-market to capture new consumer trends, using a strict distribution model combining e-commerce on its website with limited retail. “It is critical we showcase our unique Brands outside a retail environment of excessive price discounting, and possible counterfeiting and diversion.”

Stephen MORMORIS continues: “As a Company, we prioritize olfactory craftsmanship. It is our ethos to work with artisan perfumers, often using palettes of unique, indeed sometimes rare, and more expensive essential oils with a focus on sustainability to create stunning olfactory results.”

He adds: “As an industry, we must break the cycle of creating derivative scents of best-sellers. We must aim to create completely new olfactory experiences embraced by a younger generation—which is why we use the word ‘scent’ more than ‘fragrance.’ In this spirit, SCENT BEAUTY adheres to a philosophy of creating beautiful fragrances with a “point-of-view”, using minimalist packaging, and a focus on environmental preservation.”

“In keeping with our philosophy of olfactory excellence, we are pleased to announce that FIRMENICH, the world’s leader in the perfume creation business, has agreed to be our exclusive partner to create the fragrances and scents for all our Brands,” says Stephen. 

Armand DE VILLOUTREYS, President, Perfumery & Ingredients at FIRMENICH, comments: “We are thrilled to partner with SCENT BEAUTY. We believe in their new direct-to-consumer model and talented team. We are already working actively on new scents for their exciting stable of carefully curated Brands.” 

Stephen MORMORIS adds: “I believe it is critical to create a fresh corporate culture dedicated to fragrance —and not seen solely through a brick-and-mortar lens. We must fight the commoditization of this category.”

In terms of people, he adds: “We have harnessed the talent and energy of an extremely talented, multi-cultural team based out of New York, London and Paris,” says Stephen. “We are agile, we are obsessed with scent in all forms, we love the parcel experience, and we have far-reaching cultural antennae. We are preparing the future, now.”

Bernd BEETZ, Chairman of EDGE BEAUTY, Inc. added: “SCENT BEAUTY will revolutionize the fragrance category. It will bring exciting new fragrance brands to consumers worldwide with an entrepreneurial spirit.” He adds: “I am extremely excited about the business potential of this venture, which focuses on the consumer of the future.” 

The SCENT BEAUTY portfolio consists of five pillars that display the possibilities of scent: Fashion, Lifestyle, Influencers, Artists and Artisans. Each business sector showcases its Brands in a unique way with a variety of fragrance forms and messaging. SCENT BEAUTY is pleased to announce that CHER, the legendary superstar will début as SCENT BEAUTY's first artist fragrance.