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Meet The Phluid Project Scent Elixir Collection

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"Scent Beauty & The Phluid Project's Scent Elixir Collection Explores The Gender Binary through Perfume."

"Genderless Beauty Labels are Changing the Purchasing Behavior of Its Consumers."

“They are an artistic expression of how we need to build a better, more loving and tolerant world.”

The Collection

More than perfume: These two toned scents are moisturizing and last all day.

Confidence and calm, bottled for perfect balance.

The brilliant clarity of iced grapefruit is the perfect counter-note to calming clary sage and cardamom. Grounded by vetiver and atlas cedar, it becomes both bewitching and peaceful.

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Inspired by the transgender community colors, an empowering scent.

On top, sunny, playful pink dragonfruit and pineapple leaf mingle with elegant sea-salted tiare flowers; glowing within, vanilla orchid and mild palo santo wood have a deep, knowing warmth.

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A purposeful scent, declaring you don’t have to choose sides.

Above, young rosebuds mingles with spicy pink pepper and glossy-sweet cherry. Below, musky cedarwood wears a suede-like accord of saffron and tonka bean.The scent lets you find your own identity, somewhere in between.

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The Bi-Phase Formula

"Unlike anything you've ever smelled, the scent elixir is more than a fragrance: it's a moisturizing emulsion."

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