A journey through time and place, on the wings of scent.

Claus Porto was built on shared experience. Not only the personal experience of its three founders, who together discovered the sweeping natural and aromatic beauty of their chosen home, Portugal, but their sharing of that experience with us. Their intimate relationship with the scents of the land becomes our own.

The love affair began in 1887, when two Germans living in the historic city of Porto opened the first national soap and perfume factory, inspired by the lush countryside that surrounded them, and their pan-European, Belle Époque sensibility.

More than 130 years later, that heritage is preserved in their Agua de Colonia collection, scents that lift and transport us to one of the world’s most seductive landscapes—from ancient forests to the crystal blue sea—carrying us away in nature.

"There has to be an experience, something to... touch the senses."

- Lyn Harris, Claus Porto Perfumer

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