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Olfactive Innovation

Our team of master perfumers create the highest quality fragrances that evoke unique, intimate, and beautiful scented experiences.

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From concept to delivery, we help creatives channel ideas into sensory experiences.

About Us

Our CEO spent his entire career in the traditional fragrance industry, constrained by department store standards and steeped in unattainable ideals.

As perfume experts, we know that scent is no longer bound to fixed conceptions of identity. Scent is expressive, dynamic, and uniquely you.

We’re here to empower our community by pulling back the olfactive secrets behind the industry’s curtain and letting you decide what scent means to you.

"There's a new way of marketing fragrances that goes beyond appealing to the opposite sex."

"The world's first multi-brand e-commerce platform for fragrance brings scent to life in a unique, never before-seen way."

"This new scent company is revolutionizing the fragrance industry."