Hello, I'm Steve Mormoris, the CEO of Scent Beauty

I have always been fascinated by the omnipresence of scent in our lives, whether it is the smell of coffee in the morning; the sharp scent of freshly cut grass; or, on a deeper level, all the complex perfumes that kindle cherished memories.

I spent my entire career in the perfume industry, only to discover that our conception of scent is often outdated -- steeped in ideas of gender duality, hyper-sexualization, and unattainable luxury.

Meet Scent Beauty. We are redefining fragrance as scent. In expressive, dynamic, and intimate moments with unique, exceptional products.  

It is no longer just perfume: the beauty of scent can be experienced in many forms, and we are here to explore all of them, in collaboration with world-renowned celebrities, fashion designers, perfume artisans, and cultural icons.

When you wear products from Scent Beauty, you are wearing sustainably-sourced formulas created by our world-class perfumers at Firmenich, the leading fine fragrance Company in the world.  

When you experience our website, you will learn the olfactive secrets behind the industry’s curtain. You will also discover we donate a percentage of our profits to charitable organizations focused on making our world better.

When you wear our products, you will feel the empowerment of wearing your favorite invisible accessory: scent in one form or another. Our mantra is: Love Your Scent, Love Yourself.

I appreciate you buying products from Scent Beauty. Remember our customer service representatives are always here to help you.

All the best, STEVE

We stand by: Service. Easy Shopping and multiple pay options. So you can smell great, while shopping from home.

We used the highest-quality essential oils to create beautiful olfactory experiences with our team of master perfumers.

We give to charity, we support sustainability, we create biodegradable products and we help the planet.

We can customize fragrances to who you are…..you take a quiz, we make a recommendation, you choose, you try, and you discover your perfect scent.

We curate brands that are inclusive, unique, culturally relevant, non-gender, and embrace the universal language of scent.

Our scents touch the soul, body and mind, enhance individuality, and are an indelible link to memory.