Composing stories of connection and self-expression. 

When Ideo Parfumeurs describe their philosophy as “Ideal Olfactif,” they aren’t just referring to the painstaking crafting of their fragrances. Each scent also tells an original, idealized story.  

You might say the idea is the ideal—and each is a different expression of your identity, in all its beautiful contradictions. 

Husband and wife founders Antoine and Ludmila Bitar find inspiration everywhere—places, events, people, art, legends—but particularly in their home city of Beirut. There, Middle Eastern roots meet European influence, conservative culture meets rebellious nightlife, ancient meets modern. Just as the city is a gateway to multiple cultural influences, they see their scents as a bridge between cultures—and one with a million stories to tell. 

“It is like composing music or writing a film…the scents reflect a clear identity. It is not some vague concept.” 

- Ludmila and Antoine Bitar

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