A uniquely cultured expression of beauty, captured in scent.

"My dream is to adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls." So said Kokichi Mikimoto, creator of the world’s first cultured pearls. Today, Mikimoto adorns those same necks with scent.

Until 1893, pearls were extremely rare and found only in the wild, a product of nature’s ingenuity alone. Mikimoto’s dream, and singular achievement, was effectively to democratize the precious gemstone—extracting it from the rarified realm of the wealthy and presenting it for all the world to enjoy.

Now speaking as eloquently through scent as through jewelry, Mikimoto melds the exoticism of its Japanese aesthetic with the cultivated elegance and delicacy that its founder made his life’s mission. Even its bottle, like a pearl within a shell, is a lustrous gem.

It is scent as refined and exquisite as the pearl that inspired it—and just as brilliant at eliciting your inner glow.


"A pearl is a living jewel."

- Kokichi Mikimoto

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