Sharing untold riches of scent across parallel universes.


As the self-styled “keeper of tradition for the East” and “ambassador of oud for the West,” Pierre Montale wears his perfumer’s mantel proudly, if silently. Through his sensitive lens, perfumery is at once solemn and secretive, gregarious and audacious. Both the yin and yang of experience.


Just as secretive, almost mystical, is the founder himself. Eschewing publicity and exposure, he lets scent speak for him, powerfully, and for all those who dare to wear what he creates.


It’s a journey into the imagination that began in Saudi Arabia, when Montale’s eyes (and other senses) were opened to oud. Known as the “wood of the gods,” oud is one of the rarest raw materials in the world. To him, it was a universe unto itself. Exploring other “universes,” then—rose, spices, leather, sea and more—was how his scent experiments grew, in 2003, into his eponymous, timeless, and irresistibly mysterious fragrance brand.


"Fragrance is a natural and living raw material which...can be discovered and known only through time."

- Pierre Montale

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