For decades, Terres d’Afrique has set integrity as the focal point of its brand mission. A collaboration between uniquely African tribal remedies, plant-based elixirs, and “scientific rigor,” their line of skincare products echo core principles of balance and harmony.

Committed to the equitable treatment of farmers, respect for indigenous communities, and the protection of biodiversity, Terres d’Afrique preaches the unparalleled importance of authenticity from conception to consumption.  Perfectly pH-balanced to suit the skin, their omega-rich formulas work to restore a youthful complexion. 

“Terres d’Afrique is about a passion for nature, for Africa, for travelling the continent, exploring and discovering new plants, places and people. This passion allows us to create truly unique natural skincare and enriching experiences that capture the imagination and encourage people to explore wellness beyond the limits they are familiar with. The true spirit of Africa.”

- STEPHAN HELARY, CEO and Co-founder of the Terres D'Afrique

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