The Ghost of Peppermint Past - SCENT BEAUTY

The Ghost of Peppermint Past

How did peppermint become
so intimately entwined with
the holidays?

Legend has it that in1670 a
German choirmaster handed
out bent “sugar sticks” to his
young singers to keep them
quiet in church.

Once peppermint became
the standard flavor, in the
19th century, the rest is

Or is it?

In fact, the cooling scent of
peppermint dates back much
further, to the ancient
Egyptians and Romans, who
would spread it on the
ground for its pleasing

Even today, its icy,
invigorating scent puts us in
mind of winter, snowflakes
and the excitement of the

And in fact, peppermint oil is
the most widely used
essential oil there is.

So when its cooling scent
sends you into happy
holiday reminiscing, you’re
not alone.

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